The ability to spot early warning signs that your residential boiler is in need of repair will ultimately allow you to prevent minor damage from spreading and resulting in the need for expensive repairs or the potential need to replace your entire boiler system. Thankfully, you will find that this task is relatively easy once you know what to look for. Below you can learn some of the most common warning signs that you should be on the lookout for. If you notice any of these issues with your boiler, be sure to reach out to your HVAC contractor as soon as possible to schedule a service call.

Boiler Is Making Strange Noises

Simply listening to the sounds your boiler makes while it is on can give you a good indication of whether or not this heating system is in need of repair. For instance, squealing, whistling, whining, or thumping noises can indicate an issue within your boiler system that will need to be quickly repaired in order to avoid a full system failure. These sounds often indicate an issue with either your boiler's heater pump or heat exchange. However, these sounds can also be an indication that there is a blockage in your boiler system. 

Boiler Is Taking Longer To Heat Up

If your boiler is taking longer to heat up than it once did or if you are finding that your home never quite reaches the desired temperature that your thermostat is set to, this could indicate a problem with the heat circulation in your home. In many cases these issues can be taken care of with a minor repair since they are often caused by a buildup or blockage within the system. However, a failure to address these issues in the early stages can result in far more serious damage as well as increased energy bills as your boiler is forced to work harder to try and keep your home warm. 

You Smell Sulfur

Natural gas is naturally odorless. However, since the ability to detect possible gas leaks is so important to the health and safety of homeowners, natural gas suppliers use an additive that makes the gas take on a sulfur smell. If you are not familiar with the smell of sulfur, it smells quite a bit like rotten eggs. Even small gas leaks can be a very serious safety hazard and can cause harm to you and your family. Therefore, you should never delay when it comes to contacting your HVAC contractor if you smell sulfur in your home as this can indicate that your boiler has a leak in the gas line. 

If you notice any of these issues, reach out to a professional for residential boiler repair services.