When the summer heat starts, your AC will be working its hardest to keep your home cool. Eventually, there may be problems like hot air coming out of the vents. This is something that you want to troubleshoot and deal with quickly to be able to use your AC. The following AC troubleshooting tips will get to the bottom of what is causing hot air to come out of your HVAC vents:

Frozen AC Coil Components

Freezing AC parts are a major cause of air conditioning problems during the summer heat. This is because the coil collects dust and dirt over the winter months, and this causes condensation to form when you use your AC. As the air conditioner works to cool your home, the condensation eventually turns to ice. This may cause the vents to blow hot air and can damage air conditioner parts. Therefore, if ice has formed on your condensing unit, you should have it looked at by a professional AC repair service.

Broken Blower Fans

The blower not working properly can also be the cause of your AC problems. There are various issues with blower fans that can cause warm air to come out of the vents. The problems with the blower may be due to debris damaging the fan blades or issues with the motor. There may also be problems with the motor that cause it to not work efficiently. Both of these problems are often combined with noises.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

The AC compressor and coils can also develop leaks due to issues like freezing or wear. This can cause the air that is coming out of the vents to slowly get warmer. Eventually, the air can be warm or hot and cause the temperature in your home to go up instead of down. The refrigerant gas can be recharged, but you are going to have to have the leaks repaired.

Damage Ducts or Vents

The ductwork of your HVAC system may be the cause of hot air coming out of the vents. This is often due to damage and air leaks. In addition to the problems with damaged ducts, vents can also be causing issues. If there are closed or damaged vents, the airflow may be restricted, and some areas of your home may not get the cooling they need.

Issues with hot air coming out of your AC vents can be a serious problem during summer heatwaves. Contact an AC repair service for help getting your cooling working again.