The performance of a furnace greatly depends on its condition. As an informed homeowner, you should regularly check your furnace condition's performance to confirm that it can sustain you throughout winter. You should also understand the main indicators that it's time to replace your furnace. Upon replacement, you should enjoy more comfort and save on your energy bills. Here are the warning signs that you need a new furnace installation. 

1. Your Furnace Is Old

On average, a gas furnace lasts for 15 to 20 years. If you have used your heating system for more than that period, you need a furnace installation service. And if you recently moved to a new home, you can check the furnace's manual or contact the manufacturer for more details. The manufacturer can check the furnace's model number and tell you if it's time to replace the furnace.

2. You Have Done Frequent Repairs

A new furnace installation is an ideal option if you can't recall the number of times you have repaired your furnace. Ideally, the HVAC system parts tend to become worn out with time, hence the frequent repairs. While the repairs may be less costly than a new installation, too many repairs may interfere with the efficiency of your furnace. Just contact the nearest HVAC systems experts to get a free estimate for new furnace installation services.

3. The Furnace Has Visible Signs of Damage

The physical appearance of your furnace can help you know whether you need a replacement or not. During your free time, inspect all its parts for rust, cracks, holes, and other abnormal features. Visible cracks and damage will be an apparent sign that your need a new furnace installation. Just be sure to observe the safety precautions during the inspections. Alternatively, you can hire an HVAC expert to inspect the old furnace on your behalf.

4. The Furnace Heats the House Unevenly

Normally, a well-functioning furnace should heat all the rooms of your home evenly. Uneven heating could indicate that your unit is no longer working well and that you need a replacement. At times, the uneven heating can be accompanied by unusual sounds and rattles. In that case, you should seek the help of a furnace repair and installation expert to recommend you a new furnace model.

It's critical to talk to an HVAC expert immediately when you notice any of the signs above. Prompt replacement can keep your family warm, healthy, and safe during winter. Your only duty is to confirm that the contractor you hire is well experienced for the best results.

If you have more questions about furnace installation, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.