Several issues indicate the need for central air conditioner repair. Two common problems include the system not turning on at all or breaking down in the middle of a cycle. In contrast, sometimes the opposite happens. This is when the air conditioner runs much longer than it should or runs continuously. In some instances, the household residents can easily resolve the problem. In others, a qualified repair technician is needed.

Not Reaching the Set Temperature

If the unit is running continuously but not getting down to the thermostat setting, the household can consider two factors.

Consider the Weather

The first to consider is the weather compared with the thermostat setting. The outside air may be so hot that the system cannot keep up if the temperature is set too low. Moving the thermostat temperature up a few degrees should verify whether that is the case.

Generally, the higher the thermostat temperature is set on hot days, the lower the chance there is of needing repair service. If everyone wants to enjoy the luxury of 72 degrees inside when the outside air is over 90 degrees, the central air will probably run continuously or nearly so. There is too much demand on the system, and that can lead to a breakdown.

Check the Filter

If the temperature is already set at a reasonable level, the next step is to check the filter. A dirty filter makes the equipment work harder to push air through the pleats. Central air might not work effectively on hot days.

If the thermostat setting is not the problem and the filter is relatively clean, repair service is necessary.

Running After Reaching the Set Temperature

A more bewildering problem is when the compressor outside does not turn off, but the interior equipment has quit running. Two issues can make this happen.

First, the thermostat may not be working properly. If switching this device off also shuts the compressor off, thermostat repair or a new model may be required. The problem could be with the wiring connected to this device.

Alternatively, if the compressor continues to operate now, another electrical problem is occurring. The homeowner can stop it by switching off the circuit breaker connected to the equipment.

Scheduling Repair Service

Heating and cooling technicians often understand what has gone wrong after hearing a description of the problem. The homeowners should explain what they have done to try and correct the issue. Prompt repair service is provided so that households can once again enjoy cool air on hot days. 

For more information, contact an air conditioner repair company.