Dust, debris, and vibrations from home renovation work can damage your furnace. Diagnosing the specific issue can help you schedule a prompt repair before major damages affect your heating system. 

1.  Vent Debris

Debris from renovation work, particularly sawdust or the dust from cutting or removing drywall, will end up in your ducts. This dust will then circulate into your furnace and can lead to clogs. If your furnace is making odd noises, particularly when the fan is running, then chances are there is debris in the system from your renovation work. You may also notice poor airflow from the affected vents or dust coming from the vents. A repair tech will need to clean your furnace and vents. Cleaning the furnace isn't enough, since more debris will circulate in from the vents. The vents will also need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove all debris.

2. Fan Issues

In the furnace itself, one of the most likely issues following renovations is that debris will damage the fan. The fan may begin to squeal, or it may make a thunking or rattling noise due to uneven rotations due to the debris. If ignored, the blower fan will eventually fail and you will need to have it replaced. Fortunately, your repair tech can fix the debris damage before it goes that far if you bring them in quickly. The tech will first clean out the fan. Then they may need to lubricate the fan and other affected moving parts. If damage occurred to any bearings in the fan, they may need to be lubricated and repacked. In some cases, debris may also get into the motor housing, which will require further cleaning and lubrication so that it doesn't burn out. 

 3. System Shutdowns

If your heating system keeps shutting down before your home reaches the desired temperature, the culprit could be the dust stirred up during the renovation work. Construction dust can get into your heating system's thermostat, coating the sensors so that they no longer read the temperature in the home correctly. Your repair tech can clean out the thermostat and recalibrate it. Another thermostat issue is that it can be jarred due to construction, which will knock it out of level. Thermostats must be level in order to work correctly. Fortunately this is an easy repair for your heating technician. 

Contact a heating repair service in your area for more help in mitigating problems with your furnace during home renovations.