The air conditioning system in your home needs some essential maintenance to run efficiently, but hiring a company that works on air conditioning systems for the major maintenance is vital. There are some things that should be a regular part of spring maintenance before starting your air conditioning for the year, and most companies can take care of these tasks quickly and easily.

Inspecting the Air Conditioning System

One of the most important things that should be done before you start using your ac system is to have a tech from an air conditioning systems company inspect the system. The tech will remove the case from the unit outside your home to check for damage inside the ac unit. 

During the winter, small animals, rodents, and snacks can seek refuge inside the air conditioner. They may chew on wires and belts, causing damage to them. The technician will check all the components inside the air conditioning system and replace any parts that need it. 

If the tech finds evidence of rodents or animals inside the system, you can have a pest control company come and set traps around the system to get rid of them and discourage other animals from taking up residence in your HVAC system. You may want to put some screens around the air condition systems base to make it harder for the animals to get in and still allow plenty of airflow to the air conditioning system.

Filter Maintenance

There are air filters inside your home that are changed regularly, but there are additional filters on the intake of most air condition systems that would be checked, cleaned, or replaced periodically. If these intake filters are clogged or extremely dirty, the reduction in airflow to the air conditioning system can damage the system. 

Dirty filters also reduce the airflow over the heat exchangers and the condenser, so dirty air conditioning systems are more likely to freeze up or not produce cold air when the temperatures are extremely high. Your air conditioning system tech can replace or clean those filters for you while they have the cover off the air conditioning system outside your home. 

If the filters need changing more often, the air conditioning systems service company can schedule maintenance calls for that service a couple of times a year. If you live in an area that requires you to run the air conditioning all year, you may need to change the intake filters quarterly to keep the system running efficiently.