Being unprepared for some of the common problems that can impact air conditioning systems may leave you unable to effectively maintain the comfort of your home. More precisely, there are some air conditioning issues that every homeowner should be prepared to address.

Storm Damage

Strong storms can cause serious structural harm to your house, and they can also impact the exterior portion of the air conditioning system. One of the most common types of storm damage that can occur to an air conditioning system will be flooding due to water pooling around the base of the unit and eventually entering it. Lightning strikes and hail impacts can also be sources of damage to exterior units, and most homeowners will be well served by inspecting the unit following these storms.

Mold Growths

Mold growing in and around the air conditioning system can be another source of problems. These growths can allow spores to spread throughout the home, which can lead to air quality issues. Removing these growths can be extremely difficult as they may be occurring deep within the ducting or other areas of the system that may not be readily accessible. A professional cleaning is usually required to remove mold from an air conditioning system. These professionals will have the tools that can reach deep in the ducting while also being able to seal the ducting to prevent spores and other debris from spreading into the home's interior during this work.

Blower Failure

The blower is the part of the air conditioning system that will distribute the air that has been cooled by the system. When the blower starts to suffer problems, the cool air may not be able to spread throughout the home. Often, blower issues will start as little more than a noticeable decrease in the pressure of the air that is coming from the vents. However, blower issues will normally worsen once the air conditioning system starts to be used regularly, and prompt AC system repair will be needed to avoid the potential of air conditioning disruptions during the hottest time of the year.

Compromised Refrigerant

The refrigerant will be another component of the air conditioning system that is vital for its operation. This substance will be able to extract the heat from the air so that it can be cooled. Over time, the effectiveness of the refrigerant can deteriorate, which will require it to be changed every few years. This is another routine task that should be left to a professional, as safely disposing of used refrigerant can be difficult.