Most homeowners take the tripping of the circuit supplying power to the AC as an annoyance, especially if it happens in hot weather. After it happens, most of them reset the tripped breaker and continue their lives as though nothing had happened. But you should not take AC issues that cause the circuit to trip lightly since this could be a sign of a bigger problem that will require a skilled repair technician to fix. Here are some problems that might be causing your electric circuit to trip.

1. Dirty Filters

The filters play an important role in your cooling system. They help block dirt, dust, and pollen from accumulating in the appliance. However, these filters need changing whenever they are too dirty. That's because having dirty filters in the cooling system will limit the airflow, causing the air conditioner's blower to strain when circulating the air. That will make the AC overheat and cause tripping of the circuit breaker.

2. A Faulty Circuit Breaker

At times, a circuit trip might be caused by problems within the circuit breaker, like loose or worn-out wires. For instance, if the wires are not working as required, they will develop resistance and dissipate power in the form of heat, causing the circuit to trip. Another issue that can cause tripping is a malfunctioning circuit breaker. That's because a damaged breaker cannot fulfill its job of protecting your home from excess electric current, which means you might cause electrical fires or power supply problems.

3. Faulty Compressor

The compressor is the core component of the AC and pulls a lot of power each time the cooling cycle starts. However, if the compressor is faulty or old, it might strain to start up. Thus, it will pull in more power than the system power breaker can handle, resulting in circuit trips.

4. Shorted Motor

The motors in the air conditioners are designed to run for hours. However, you must maintain your AC system for the motors to function optimally. Otherwise, a damaged motor will become hot. As a result, the wire insulation will break down, making the electric current find an alternative path, thus tripping the circuit.

Dirty air filters, dirty compressors, shortened motors, and damaged circuit breakers are all reasons that can cause your AC circuit to trip. Such issues can only be resolved by a residential AC technician who can examine the system to determine the cause of the trip and the best way to fix it.

To have your unit inspected, contact a residential air conditioning repair service in your area.