Your air conditioning system consists of several parts that work together to keep you cool and comfortable during summer. Unfortunately, these parts do not last forever; they undergo general wear and will inevitably require replacements at some point. Timely parts replacement is essential to restore normal cooling performance, minimize general wear and avoid cooling emergencies that often result in expensive repairs. Here are some vital AC components that may need replacing if your AC stops blowing cold air.

AC Coils

Your air conditioning system has an evaporator coil housed in the indoor unit of the system and a condenser coil is located outside. Over time, one or both of these coils can stop working due to age or accidental damage caused when cleaning them. 

Oftentimes, replacing only one coil is not adequate to return your cooling system to top running condition. Since the two coils work together to allow proper temperature regulation, you may need to replace both to ensure they match in age, refrigerant, and energy-efficiency rating. Pairing a new coil with an old one can do more harm than good, resulting in diminished performance, increased wear and spiking energy costs.

AC Blower Fan

Your AC system has a blower fan that blows cold air throughout your home's interior environment. If this fan stops working, it may take longer for conditioned air to reach your interior living space. In some cases, you may not receive any cooling output at all, leaving you at the mercy of the hot summer weather. If your AC fan is faulty, you may have to replace it to restore normal airflow.

AC Condenser Fan

Many homeowners usually think that the AC blower fan and condenser fan are the same things. While the blower fan helps distribute cold air throughout your home, the condenser fan blows air over the condenser coil to help dissipate heat outside. Remember, the condenser coil contains super-hot high-pressure refrigerant, which requires cooling to release the heat absorbed by the evaporator coil to the outside.

The condenser fan can experience wear and tear quickly due to constant exposure to the outside environment. If it is damaged beyond repair, you'll need to replace it to facilitate smooth AC operation.

The faster you find and replace the AC part that requires a replacement, the more money you'll save on AC running and repair costs. Reach out to your local AC contractor for an inspection of your cooling system if you suspect it requires parts repairs or replacements.

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