Every homeowner would agree that cleaning and dusting the surfaces around your home is very important on a regular basis. Not only do these dusty patches look awful, but they can also be a trigger for allergies and make you or your children quite sick. With that in mind, it seems crazy how few people clear their air ducts. Not only do your air ducts constantly feed into your home, but a lot of the air you breathe will also pass through them at some stage. Here are a few reasons why a yearly air duct cleaning is a must (at a bare minimum). 

Potential For Hidden Dangers

While dust is of course something that you should not ignore, there can be other even bigger problems in your air ducts that threaten your health. One major issue that people forget is a possibility is the potential for mold. Mold is not only bad for the structure of your home—it can also be hazardous should you inhale enough of the spores. Mold has been known to cause extreme illness and even death in rare circumstances, and while you shouldn't be worried about that, it is a good idea to have a yearly inspection so that mold does not appear and take hold.

Find Structural Issues

Apart from simply cleaning out your air ducts, these services also help to warn you about any structural issues that your ducts may have. Ducts are often hidden from view and without specialist equipment, it is hard to know if anything is going wrong with them, which is why once in a while a good clean is very important. For your peace of mind and general maintenance, air duct cleaning should be on the calendar at some stage in the year. That way, if an issue is found, it can be fixed before completely shutting down and ruining your airflow altogether. 

Disruption During Renovations

While the regular amount of dust that you will find in your air ducts definitely does warrant a cleaning on its own, you should be particularly suspicious if there was a renovation during the last year in your home. Renovations are, by nature, quite intensive processes, and often a lot of dust and other items are kicked up and make their way into your air ducts. It can be a good idea to be pragmatic about this and get your air ducts cleaned immediately after a renovation project has finished.