If your commercial refrigerator is not cooling, you may end up losing a lot of food in your restaurant. Below are three problems that can cause this to happen. You can then contact a professional commercial refrigeration service to come to repair this for you. 

Dirty Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils inside the refrigerator are dirty, the refrigerator will not cool properly. These coils are important because they help keep the refrigerant cool, which then provides cool air for your refrigerator. 

Over time, grease, dust, and dirt can accumulate on the coils. Once this happens, the coils become too warm and will not cool the refrigerator.  A commercial refrigeration service can clean the coils for you to get your refrigerator cooling again. To prevent this from happening, consider having the coils cleaned every few months. 

Problem With the Door

The problem could be something simple and inexpensive to fix. For example, if the door does not close all the way, the refrigerator will lose cold air. Refrigerator doors have a seal around them that creates a tight seal when the doors are closed. This prevents the cool air from escaping out of the refrigerator. Over time, this seal may become worn down, which can result in the door not closing properly. A contractor can replace the seal on the doors. 

You also should check the door hinges. If the refrigerator is older, these hinges can get worn out and not aligned properly. This will prevent the door from closing all the way. The hinges may also be loose and tightening them will take care of this. If not, a contractor can replace the hinges for you. 

Problem With the Thermostat

There is a thermostat inside the refrigerator that shows what the internal temperature is. This thermostat connects with a control board on the compressor. When the temperature gets up to a certain point, the control board automatically turns the thermostat on to bring the temperature down to the right level. 

If the thermostat is not working as it should, it will not provide the control board with the right temperature.  A contractor can replace a thermostat for you. This is generally easy to do and should not be an expensive repair. 

There are more things that can cause a commercial refrigerator not to cool, such as problems with the compressor. If the refrigerator is old, it may be a good time to replace it with a new one.

Contact a local repair service, such as NuAire Mechanical Engineering, to learn more.