If you have a commercial range, one of the more important components is the drip bowl. Its job is to collect anything that spills around the stove area like grease. If you're looking to replace this component because of wear, take these precautions.

Measure Current Drip Bowls

You can ensure the replacement drip bowl or bowls fit in perfectly under the heating element of your stove when you measure the current drip bowls. Then you won't have to guess with dimensional specs because you'll know exactly what's going to work perfectly for your commercial range.

All you need to do is get a measuring tape and place it directly over one of the drip bowls you're replacing, going from top to bottom directly over the center. That will give you inch dimensions that make it much easier to choose the right drip bowl size. 

Find a Set That Can Last

If you don't want to have to purchase additional replacement drip bowls for a long time, then focus on long-lasting sets in the beginning. They need to be specifically rated to hold up to your cooking environment and the substances that will more than likely drip on them.

Chrome and porcelain are some of the better materials because of their long-lasting nature. When they collect things like grease, you can simply give them a wash and it will come right off without causing major structural damage. Sometimes, drip bowls for ranges have lifespan projections that give you an accurate idea of how long they'll hold up. Look at these ratings if they're provided to make a better selection.

Decide on a Color

Although color isn't the most important attribute to focus on when choosing replacement drip bowls for a commercial range, it's still an attribute you want to get right from a visual standpoint. There are a couple of options that a lot of commercial restaurants favor, including matte black, glossy back, silver, and chrome.

Look at a couple of examples and then picture them around your own restaurant's commercial range. Something will stand out if you keep an open mind and look at accurate representations of the different color options.

If the drip bowls around your commercial range are starting to corrode, you'll need to find replacements before grease is able to cause a mess and break down surrounding equipment. Focus on key attributes and this range part replacement will be easy to handle. Southbend range replacement parts are an option to look into.