An air conditioner (AC) in a house with a dog works a little harder and therefore needs a little extra TLC, than an AC in a house without a dog. This is because dogs increase the level of particles in the air, which accumulate in different parts of the AC, particularly the filters. Here are some of the TLC measures your AC requires if you have a dog in the house:

Clean and Brush the Dog Regularly

A dirty and shaggy dog emits considerable dander that will block your filter within no time. Reduce the amount of dander your pet emits by cleaning and brushing the animal regularly. There are even brushes purpose-made for removing pet dander, which makes the job easy.

Clean the House Regularly

The main thing is to prevent the dirt from clogging the filters and also get rid of the debris that has already managed to reach the filter. One way of preventing dirt from accumulating in your house and reaching the AC filter is to clean the house regularly. The dog will always shed some dander even if you clean and brush it. Dogs also have a propensity for carrying things in the house, and they can't brush their feet at the door to shake off dust like people do. Therefore, even if the house looks clean, it's best to clean and vacuum it regularly.

Clean the Air Ducts Regularly

It's not just the AC filters that will suffer from debris accumulation if you have a dog in the house; other parts of the AC such as the duct system are also susceptible to dirt accumulation. Therefore, the ductwork also needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly. Cleaning the ductwork isn't a DIY job, however, so you need a technician's help in helping keep it clean; say every three years or so.

Block the Dog's Access to the Outdoor Unit

If you have a dog in the house, dirt accumulation in the AC isn't the only thing you need to be worried about. Some dogs can damage the outdoor unit of the AC by clawing at the fins and chewing on the cables. Therefore, fence the unit with a barrier that can keep the dog away without interfering with air circulation.

Hopefully, your AC won't suffer from frequent breakdowns or accelerated demise due to your pets. Consult an ac repair technician if you think you are taking the necessary measures but your AC is still suffering more frequent damages than it should. It might be that there is something wrong with your AC, and it is not related to the pet.